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Peyton, The Artist

Peyton E. “The Artist” Burnett was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1997. Although she grew up teaching herself how to draw and paint, Peyton also earned a B.S. in Studio Art with a concentration in painting, and a minor in Fashion Merchandising at Marist College in 2020 to enhance her knowledge of art. Peyton’s art and focuses of study have allowed her to travel throughout 29 countries along Southeast and East Asia, South and Central America, Europe, and Africa.

Her works have been exhibited in the US and abroad including a student-organized exhibition at the 2019 Venice Biennale, Valence Projects’ “Black in Every Color”exhibitions, the Beverly Hills Art ShowWorld Of Crete's "Select Art Fair" 2023, and various creative pop-up shops throughout Southern California. She has also been commissioned to do live painting for different types of events (including corporate) such as the Los Angeles Neighborhood Housing Services 35th Anniversary at the famed Paramount Studios NY set in 2019. Her works have been recognized in a number of news and media outlets such as Voyage LA magazine, Black Design Collective,  Marist College’s “For the Record” curated by Marist Circle, Artist Talk Magazine - Issue 18, Because of Them We Can, and Essence.

Peyton currently resides in Los Angeles continuing her art, fashion & designs under the pseudonym, “Peyton, The Artist”, and through her company, THE CODE STUDIOS. Through these platforms, she intends to build an immersive atmosphere for artists of all skillsets to create and collaborate in, empower the Black community through art, and design merchandise that combines her favorite mediums to express her avant-garde style.

Exhibition & Art Fair History

Debbie Allen Dance Academy: "HAWK"

Group exhibition curated by Haley Fonfa in celebration of Vivian Ayer's 100th birthday

Los Angeles, CA

August 2023

Agora Gallery: "The Mind's Eye"

Group exhibition curated by Sabrina Gilbertson

Chelsea, NY

July 2023

Select Art 2023

International group exhibtion and art fair curated by World of Crete

Crete, Greece

May 2023

Beverly Hills Art Show: 50th Anniversary

Beverly Hills, CA

May 2023

Valence Projects: "fever"  

Group Exhibition + installation curated by Josiah at the Andaz West Hollywood Hotel

West Hollywood, CA

April 2023

Gallery 90220: "Who She Found in the Looking  Glass"

Group Exhibition curated by Delaney George 

Los Angeles, CA

April 2023

Valence Projects: "BLACK IN EVERY COLOR"

Group exhibition + installation curated by Josiah at the Andaz Hotel

West Hollywood, CA

February 2023

Peyton, The Artist: "INTROSPECTION"

Self-curated solo art show

Compton, CA

January 2023

Los Angeles, CA

Live painting performance at the 35th Anniversary of the Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County at Paramount Studios

September 2019


Marist College Student-curated group show at the bi-annual Venice Biennale

Venice, Italy

June 2019

Artist Statement

Peyton's artwork focuses on the theme of introspection, and she uses the experiences of others as well as her own to dive deeper into the mental, emotional, and spiritual processes of growth. She like to combine styles such as realism, abstraction, and expressionism in her paintings. Gold pigment, oil paint, 24k gold foil hand-sourced from Venice, Italy, and spray paint are some of the materials that she uses to enhance the characteristics and emotions of the subjects portrayed in her portraits.


"United States Congress Certificate of Recognition": In Recognition of Peyton's artistic contributions

Presented by Congresswoman Sydney Kamlager-Dove on behalf of the 37th Congressional District

Los Angeles, CA

September 2023

"City of Compton Proclamation": In Recognition of Peyton's commitment to artistry, culture, and community

"Introspection" Self-curated Solo Exhibition 2023

Compton, CA

January 2023


"Best New Artist" Award

Beverly Hills Art Show 2023: 50th Anniversary

Beverly Hills, CA

May 2023

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