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“Art of War” is the second piece of the series, “Demons of Amerikkka,” that was inspired by the pandemonium that surfaced itself in the United States shortly after Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. Portrayed in the drawing are the deteriorating brick walls of a room that has been demolished by weapons of mass destruction (per the bomb and dynamite sticks in the image), which symbolizes America’s weak, aging system. The distressed walls are tattered with torn up images from dated newspaper articles that depict slogans coined by different terrorists and occultists such as Adolf Hitler and Alester Crowley. Their poor leadership destroyed the world & placed generational curses on hundreds of nations that still exist to this day. Peyton uses these pieces of history in her drawing to show the connections between the war on peace & order that happened then, and the one that is currently happening now. “There is nothing new under the sun.” The bomb sitting in the hole in the ground, waiting to explode, is followed by a long wick that spells out the various generational curses that have been plaguing communities of color, America, and the world at large, for centuries. The dynamite sticks sitting against the wall next to occultist Alester Crowley’s famed slogan “Do What Thou Wilt” and directly above it, Trump’s “Make America Great Again”, represents the types of mindsets/ideologies that have been destroying America because its society has ignorantly adopted such standards through false-liberation politics and entertainment (all thanks to the Counter Culture movement of the 1960s, which is still taking place to this day).


23 ½” X 12” (Encased in a 26”x 14” black frame)

Charcoal, graphite, Copic markers, acrylic, and collage on construction paper

For serious inquiries, please contact Peyton, The Artist.

April 2017

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