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Inspired by the infamous paintings titled, “Liberty Leading the People”, by Eugene Delocroix (1830), and “The Raft of the Medusa”, by Theodore Gericault (1819), “Demons of Amerikkka” marks the finale of Peyton’s four-piece series depicting the historic, present, and spiritual deterioration of this so-called great country, “Babylon the Great”. Again, the use of the distressed brick wall represents America’s crumbling system in jeopardy, with the large, gaping hole of smoke signifying the end of a 400-year long tyrannical reign. As viewers gaze upon this piece, Peyton invites them to see a Black man holding up the greatest distress signal of all time as he fights off America’s demons to get through to the other side of the wall where the truth awaits.


8’x 6’

Oil on canvas

For serious inquiries, please contact Peyton, The Artist.

December 2019

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