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“King Alfred’s Cold Game” is inspired by Peyton’s research on America’s long term social-political (and very spiritual) agenda to destroy the country. In this painting, Peyton uses surrealism to depict how political and religious leaders have been slowly destroying the country and how they have used the divide and conquer tactic to pit Black and Brown communities against each other. The vandalized, deteriorating brick wall in the background (a reoccurring motif throughout the series), represents the lower class setting in which the powers that be play their sinister game of life. The landscape of the warped chessboard depicts the appearance of working members in opposition when, in reality, these same social and political institutions are working together. The theme of King Alfred’s Cold Game is tagged in large red graffiti while its agenda is hidden in plane site. The faint “chicken scratch” tags surrounding the bold title are declarations of the censored truths. The Black and red chess pieces represent an ancient opposition between nations leading to a prophetic chain of tumultuous events still being played out today. The keenly hidden rabbit’s hole in the right-hand corner of the chess board is a sign to the viewer that there is more to be seen than what is on the surface. Are you willing to venture in?


Diptych 72”x 36”

Oil on canvas

For serious inquiries, please contact Peyton, The Artist.

April 2019

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