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“Introspection” is a continuation of Peyton’s earlier series, “The Story of
Me.” This sequel expands upon that collection’s look into the mental,
emotional, and spiritual processes of growth.


Using the facial and figurative expressions of various subjects, Peyton chose to use people other than herself displaying that introspection is a shared human experience. The varied expressions in each painting depict the sometimes uncomfortable, yet eye opening moments on one’s journey to wholeness.


Her intention in creating this body of work is to usher the viewer into personal reflection. Through her own journey of painting, and seeking God for herself, she has found that wholeness happens in multiples, and in multiple ways. Arrival is never just one destination. God shows us that the different stages of growth that we experience will repeat themselves time, and time again in different ways and through many challenges. The acceptance of this realization brings humility, causing one to finally surrender to the architect of their soul; God. This is true peace.


True serenity.


2021 -

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