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26” x 40”

Oil paint, 23k gold foil, and natural pigments on watercolor paper

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“Burdens” is a piece about the confusion and anxiety that weighed me down for years because I was trying to figure out who I was and where I belonged in a society that sort of accepted me because of my talent but was also trying to shut me out and condemn me for not conforming to some of the bs that it was demanding me to degrade myself to. It’s about the pressures of being bullied and having my innocence taken advantage of, and having negative voices swarm your thoughts 25/8 for 90% of the day, every day, because whether you knew it yourself or not, everyone else around you seemed to recognize that you were different from them; and they couldn’t stand it. But it is our innate differences; our decisions to stand by our morals and standards; and our disinterest in conforming to the world that makes us so powerful. So intimidating. At times, we may consider it to be the greatest burden to ever carry, and feel like our differences are what make us weak; but it is an honor and a privilege to be counted out. God designed you with the strength to carry the weight of your uniqueness. Your peculiarity is your greatest treasure. – 1 Peter 2:9
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