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26” x 40”

Oil paint, 23k gold foil, and natural pigments on watercolor paper

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It’s okay not to immediately understand why you went through all the pain, tragedy, loss, and chaos that you experienced. It’s okay not to know what your next moves are going to be on your journey of maturity and higher understanding once you’ve emerged stronger from all that mental torture and depression. All that matters is that we’ve come out of it all with a wiser perspective; that what we went through was God giving us yet ANOTHER opportunity to grow. And even though we can’t see the rest of the path in front of us just yet, for the first time, we understand what “growing” and self-forgiveness really means. We can now separate our pain and emotions from the facts of our experiences. And when you’re finally able to do that, you have developed something that this world can never teach or take away from you, and is something that will always serve as your tiny reminder that God really is on your side and wants the best for you always: Spiritual discernment. Growth… I’m thankful for all of it. - Proverbs 1:7 & 33; 4:6-7
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