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26” x 40”

Oil paint, 23k gold foil, and natural pigments on watercolor paper

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Serenity and I have finally found each other. During my transformation process (which is ongoing and never ending), I accepted and stepped into my divinity as a child of the Most High, purging and shedding more of my old self so that the very essence and gift of Peyton, The Artist could finally come out and be everything that she was destined and purposed to be: a servant and purer vessel unto Him. No longer as tainted or blinded by naivety, ignorance, selfishness, or blind hatred as I was before, but a wiser, more transparent, and meek version of myself. There is a peculiarity about this new version of myself, but that was what God had always intended for me to be; for my kind to be. Serenity is what I work long and hard to recreate and strengthen in my life every single day after experiencing my first encounter with it in Venice, Italy. After all, wholeness is not just one destination, but comes in multiples, and in multiple ways. I have given back to the Most High (who is the ultimate serenity) the gift of creativity that He gave my spirit lifetimes before this one, as far back as the beginning of time. The result of that self-accountability, submission, and humility is what you see here: a tangible, colorful image of His presence manifested through me; a more fine-tuned vessel. To have talent is one thing, but there are some things surpassing talent that make certain abilities even more than just the skill itself: a gift. And that’s what I call the “God Factor”. To all the artists out there, do you know what YOU have? I dedicate this series to the Most High for opening my eyes and reminding me of who’s really in control here. I once hated Him for making me go through what I was going through and denied Him altogether at one point because I was blinded by my own self-righteousness, and selfishness. But He just wouldn’t let me go that easily. I had a responsibility to myself to take responsibility for self and then come before Him to submit what I could not change or handle on my own. I know that this topic isn’t exactly popular, and I’m not here to empress my beliefs or lifestyle onto anyone that crosses my artwork, but I owe my life to the Most High, Yahuah. So, when you see me, just know that you see Him too. And by the way: even if you don’t believe in God, He still certainly believes in you. Proverbs 3:5-7 Genesis 1:27
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