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26” x 40”

Oil paint, 23k gold foil, and natural pigments on watercolor paper

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Right before the “torment” stage hits, when you’re about to enter a deep depression, all the negative voices in your head start to take on personalities of their own, trying to force you to feel guilty for things that you actually have the power to move on and grow from. But there’s just something about those voices that makes them seem more powerful and unbearable than they truly are. It’s wild because even though we can’t physically see or touch these demons, you know for a fact that they’re real because their voices are as loud and clear as day. This painting is a reminder, however, that right before entering the “tormented” stage, you can turn the volume down on those negative voices and bring them down to more manageable levels, because in reality you can never make them go away 100% (at least not without God). God has given us the innate ability to conquer the battlefield in our minds and tell those demons to shut the f**k up. But you have to open your mouth, use your voice, and mean what you say. Because even demons can sense when you’re bulls******g. So, how badly do you want your peace back? Sitting in grief, guilt, and self-pity is easy, but taking back control of your mind takes a whole lot of courage and willpower. Specifically, the willpower to LIVE. This also means eliminating all outside temptations and distractions that are aiding/giving those demons the ammunition to continue attacking you. But are you ready to purge yourself and let those things go? I believe we all have what it takes do this, and the purging never ends, not until we’re dead and gone, because to truly be fulfilled, we must continue on a path of learning and being humbled. So, get it together, because your future you is waiting on the present you to catch up. Again, GET INTO YOUR QUIET PLACE, and stand up to the “voices” in your head before they push you into a state of torment. You’re destined to do magnificent things. Why else would these demons be attacking you? - Job 2:1-10
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