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This next series of paintings is a continuation of my ongoing collection, “Introspection”, which I have titled “Portals”. Like every other creation that I have shared with you guys, I pray that this series causes people to self-reflect, examine their hearts, and is the catalyst for conviction to humble oneself. We all need to do this, every day.  


These paintings are not coming from a dark, broken, or resentful place, but quite the opposite. These are mirrors of the human soul, mine included, that cause all that look into them (these portals) to face the matters of their own hearts, step into the vortex of growth and submission that is God, and come out on the other side renewed and more resilient with His strength. 


As I said in my first collection, The Story of Me, and in part 1 of INTROSPECTION:


 “Wholeness happens in multiples, and in multiple ways. Arrival is never just one destination. God shows us that the different stages of growth that we experience will repeat themselves time, and time again in different ways and through many challenges. The acceptance of this realization brings humility, causing one to finally surrender to the architect of their soulS; God. This is true peace. True serenity.”


 We’re all in this together. 

2023 -

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